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Novarossi BX21-5T  .21 5 Port Turbo Buggy Engine
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Novarossi BX21-5T .21 5 Port Turbo Buggy Engine

Price: €125,00
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Novarossi BX21-5T  .21 5 Port Turbo Buggy Engine

This is New Novarossi BX21-5T Turbo Engine, Short Stroke

This is a special crankshaft. Made to meet even the highest standards of our most demanding drivers. Slightly reduced rotational mass and greatly improved fuel flow provide great performance. 

This Piston/Sleeve set is optimized for use in EFRA/IFMAR competition events and is made from hard chromed brass and features 5 transfer ports. 

Short Stroke:
Is perfect for Buggy car, top acceleration.

Conrod R1:
The conrod is made from superlight&superstrong alluminium to make the lightest and strongest possible conrod to withstand the abuse of a .21 racing engine.

The carburettor of this engine is made from plastic and in "reverse" style and has a sliding throttle valve...

Rear Ball Bearing:
The rear ball bearing has high quality high speed balls to minimize wear and inertia to improve acceleration and fuel consumption.

Technical Data

C.Capacity : 3,49 cc 
R.P.M. (M.P.) : 34.000 Rpm
Range: 6.000 : 35.000 Rpm
Ports : 5 
Crankshaft :  13,00 mm 
carburettor : Reverse plastic Adjustable
Glow: Turbo 
Main Bearing : Steel