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Reds ZR12 Touring + Tuned Pipe Efra 2653
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Reds ZR12 Touring + Tuned Pipe Efra 2653
[ZR12 KIT]

Reserved price: €299,00
Special price: €179,00
You save: €120,00 (40%)
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Reds ZR12 Touring + Tuned Pipe Efra 2653

This is the Reds ZR12 On/Road by Mario Rossi engine and is specially made for the 1/10 On/Road class. The new re-designed crankcase with increased dimensions and structural improvements, allows better use of the power available in the "high rpm area". The new caracteristics and production technologies, ensure the high standards of quality and performance. The use of the best materials and High speed bearings, increase performance, durability and reliability!.

All inner parts are M.Rossi marked.

Technical Specs:

Displacement: 2,10cc
Ports: 3
Bore: 13.70
Stroke: 14.00
Crankshaft & Type: 12,00mm Turbo SG Balanced
Bearings: High Speed
Glow Plug: Turbo

Packing included:

Reds ZR12 Touring
Reds Efra 2653 Tuned Pipe