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Novarossi Exhaust Gas Cooler


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Novarossi Exhaust Gas Cooler

During the EC-A 2008 which was held in a very hot Valencia many drivers had problems to make the five minutes on 1 fuel tank.

After our team manager handed out some prototype parts of our new 'Exhaust Gas Cooler' to our team drivers (Collari, Balestri, Pietsch, Pirani, Lackner, Vuga to name a few) they where able to use the full potential of their 359 Race . 21 engines again because they did not have to worry about five minutes anymore.

The Exhaust Gas Cooler is mounted between the tuned pipe and the fuel tank and so it will take away some heat from the exhaust gas that goes into the fueltank, lowering the temprature of the fuel and increasing the runtime.

Our 'Exhaust Gas Cooler' (part number: 36000) is available in purple anodization.

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