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Vantage Racing 1/10 On/Road Tuned Carbon Pipe w/manifold


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Vantage Racing 1/10 On/Road Tuned Carbon Pipe w/manifold

Vantage are revolutionizing the face of RC with their new super high quality carbon fibre pipe sets. Being made from carbon fibre they have excellent heat dissipation, extremely low weight and blisteringly good looks!. Make no mistake however, these aren?t all show and no go!, they produce performance to rival many of the most highly rated exhaust pipes in there own respected categories. These pipes are also incredibly tough often taking the punishment that regular aluminium tuned pipes just simply cannot!. Sold in both tuned inline pipe/manifold sets and single pipes, there is a Vantage pipe to suit any racer or bashers budget.

This inline pipe and manifold set is designed to strictly fit the all 1/10 Touring On/Raod cars.

Being an inline pipe and manifold set this is a true ?Tuned? exhaust where the manifold is truly tuned to the shape of the pipe to produce maximum performance

Contains: 1x Carbon Fibre Pipe, 1x Aluminium Manifold (Short), 1x Exhaust Coupler, 1x Manifold Coupler, 1x Pipe Retainer w/Hardware

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