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Max Power MAX.12 XP 3.9 2019 3 Port On/Road DLC TUNED Ceramic

MX 12 MAX XP3.9 19

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Max Power MAX.12 XP 3.9 2019 3 Port On/Road DLC TUNED Ceramic

€ 349,00

Max Power MAX.12 XP 3.9 2019 3 Port On/Road DLC TUNED Ceramic

This is New Fantini MAX.12 XP3.9 .12 On/road engine.

2019/2020 version.

This engine is Full tuned by Massimo Fantini!



The new crankshaft have a new special timing for increase rpm and lower consumpt. 

Cooling head

This a new with a new silver color. It is drilled and milled out to reduce the mass of the cooling head. 

Rear Ball Bearing

Is e ceramic swiss quality.

3 Ports ABC Piston Sleeve

sleeve features extra cut-outs for improved mixture flow

Crankshaft TURBO

The TUNED crankshaft gives the engine a better balancing. This will reduce the vibration produced by the rotating and the alternating masses. With Special "Long Life DLC" treatment.

Rear Cover

The rear cover presents a round shape to optimize the filling and reducing the dead spaces. .

Technical Data

C.Capacity : 2,1 cc 
Power: 1.75HP R.P.M. 44.800 Rpm
Bore : 13,70 mm 
Stroke : 14,25 mm 
Ports : 3 
Crankshaft :  11,9 mm Turbo Tuned
carburettor :  5.5mm metal + reducer 
Glow : Turbo 
Main Bearing : Ceramic

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