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SkyRC ARES PRO 540 V3 Brushless Motor 13.5T 3150KV


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SkyRC ARES PRO 540 V3 Brushless Motor 13.5T 3150KV

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SkyRC ARES PRO 540 V3 Brushless Motor 13.5T 3150KV

Experience the incredible power explosion at the next race thanks to the high speed and the high torque, which will bring you far forward. A sophisticated system of ventilation louvres together with a thermal silicone insulator also greatly reduces the heat generated.

The Ares Pro V3 motor is compatible with the controllers of the Toro brand (TS120, TS150, TS160 and TS50) as well as with many different controllers from other manufacturers. The application of the engine in vehicles is just as versatile. The best result with an Ares Pro V3 is obtained with a controller that works both precisely and reliably.


Powerful sintered neodymium magnet
CNC machined aluminum case
Pure copper coil with high conductivity
Interchangeable rotor
Dual sensor port
Adjustable timing
Compatible with any sensor controlled / sensorless controller
Compact size and light weight (approx. 20g lighter than the Ares Pro V2)

Technical specifications

Turns: 13,5T
U / min per volt: 3150kV
Consumption without load: 1.5A
Scale: 1/10
Type: Brushless sensored
Pole: 2
Number of LiPo cells: 1S-3S
Timing: 0-60 ° (adjustable)
Rotor: 12,5x7,2mm
Outer diameter: 35.8 mm
Length: 51,7mm
Shaft diameter: 3,16mm
Weight: 141g
Deployment: 1/10 Spec, Racing Cars

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