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ARX-472 Compatible Receiver 2.4GHZ - FHSS 4 / 3 for Sanwa Radio


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ARX-472 Compatible Receiver 2.4GHZ - FHSS 4 / 3 for Sanwa Radio

€ 34,90

ARX-472 Compatible Receiver 2.4GHZ - FHSS 4 / 3 for Sanwa Radio

Compatible with FH3/FH4T remote control system.
Suitable for remote control M12, M11X, EXZES X, MT-4,GEMINI X,MT-S, MT-4S, M12S ,M17.

1) Bidirectional communication system, monitor the receiver voltage by transmitter in real time;
2) Compatible stabilizing voltage, operating voltage can up to 1-2s lipo, sudden low voltage won't be out of control;
3) High sensitivity receiver, full 4CH output + BAT port suitable for all kinds of remote control cars, simulation rock crawlers.

Power: 3.7V - 8.4V
Weight: 7,3 g
Size 35,5x23,3x13x2 mm
Module: 2,4GHz FH3/FH4 Selezionabile dalla TX

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