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Reduced price! GRP Rear 1/8 On/Road Tires on Serpent Rims (40 Shore)

GRP Rear 1/8 On/Road Tires on Serpent Rims (40 Shore)


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GRP Rear 1/8 On/Road Tires on Serpent Rims (40 Shore)

This is a set of GRP Rear 1/8 Mounted Tires 37 Shore on Serpent Yellow rims.
After ongoing research and tests, in co-operation with top drivers and with major RC model manufacturers for this category, GRP has fully renewed there 1/8 On/Road tire line.
All aspects have been carefully studied at best, to guarantee the driver gets the best performance under any racing condition and on any track.
These improvements cover all various components of the finished tire, such as expanded compound, wheel, gluing etc.

New Compounds

Starting from rubber foam sheets made with a special process, They are treated to improve their grip and life, guaranteeing the highest performance on and RC model type and on any track.
They are produced as standard line: a three-ring tire glued wider onto the wheel and then it is trued on both sides to guarantee maximum regularity and blance.
Moreover, all hardness shores are checked automatically to ensure the highest regularity. The main advantages are:

30% more grip
20% more life
1005 guarantee of hardness regularity

New Wheels

They are made with a special plastic material, and with a reinforced yet flexible structure, they ensure maximum resistance and performance at any temperature of use. The main advantages are:

15% more side grip
10% less rotational weight
100% guarantee at any temperature

Gluing System

Made through automatic robots, using special gluing materials, which guarantee a 100% perfect hold at any temperature of use.
The wheel is treated and rubbed previously, to ensure a perfect adherence with the tire.

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