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3 Racing Hi Down-Force Body Post Rear (Blu)


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3 Racing Hi Down-Force Body Post Rear (Blu)


Increase your car??s traction through enhancing rear down-forced and is recommended for use on high speed tracks with a low to medium traction surface.

Maximize your straight line stability through having a small rear toe-in setting and also improving the top speed running performance. A mounting hole available on the tail of the body post for advanced modification on the chassis??s body post or spoiler installation by attaching directly on the car chassis. In order to increases down force and stability on the road.

There are 2 sets of clipping holes in 6mm apart on the Hi Down-force Body Post. Providing an optional position adjustment of the body shell from 4mm gap to 2mm gap therefore to increases or decreases the down-forces more accurately.

Increases the strength and protection of the body shell. Avoid the damage caused by the contact between the body shell and the wheel / chassis. Thus, to minimize the losing time on the race.


For: 4mm to 5mm Body Post
Material: Aluminum
Color: Blu

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