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Rc Car Serpent Taipan 988e 1/8 Pan Car On/Road kit


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Rc Car Serpent Taipan 988e 1/8 Pan Car On/Road kit

€ 449,00

Rc Car Serpent Taipan 988e 1/8 Pan Car On/Road kit

This new platform offers the lightweight and simplicity that racers have come to love about this class. In addition, Serpent brings an innovative two belt direct drive design that will allow everyone from drag racers to road course aficionados to find the proper gearing and motor to fit their needs. It features perfect weight balance and flexible battery configurations to please customers of all types. The lightweight design makes it very efficient, ensuring that your ESC, motor and battery stay cool and provide optimum performance.



  • Easy interchange spur gear.
  • Adjustable body mount height.
  • Adjustable ride height by shims. 
  • Adjustable Belt tension with excenters in the bearingblocks.
  • The same steeringblocks as the 988 with the trailing and leading adjustment.
  • Adjustable upper arm Mount to use the long or short arm option.
  • The pivot adaptors can be mounted two ways to change the ride height/roll center.
  • Adjustable arm mount.
  • Adjustable tube angle.
  • Front flex by the carbon front suspension arm.
  • Front adjustable belt tensioner to keep the correct belt tension.
  • Servo saver with adjustable ackerman options
  • Rear adjustable belt tensioner
  • Rear track rod but you can mount a optional damper here also.
  • Adjustable battery mount, so you could fit any size battery.


The car comes as kit without electrical parts, tires, body or motor.

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