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Robitronic Charger GT Power X4 4x100W


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Robitronic Charger GT Power X4  4x100W

€ 173,00

Robitronic Charger GT Power X4  4x100W

The X4 charger offers four connections for fast charging and discharging a wide variety of batteries. Thanks to these quad circuits, four batteries can be charged or discharged independently of each other - regardless of whether it is a LiPo, NiMH or Pb battery. With the powerful 100W circuit per channel, up to 6S (lithium batteries) and 15 cells (nickel batteries) can be connected to the X4 charger.

Multifunctional and great for on the go, this charger is the perfect companion to quickly recharge your batteries.


  • Optimized operating software
  • Monitoring and balancing of individual cell voltages
  • Incl. quick charge and save function
  • Cyclic charging/discharging possible for nickel batteries
  • Quickly measure whole pack and single cell internal resistance
  • Easily power small USB devices

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage:AC: 100-240V
DC: 11-18V
Charge Current:0,1-7.0A
Discharge Current:0,1-1.0A
Charge Power:max. 100W
Discharge Power:max. 5W
Balance Current:300mAh/cell
Cells: LiXX1-6 cells
Cells: NiXX1-15 cells
Pb-Battery Voltage:2-20V
USB-Port:5.3V 2.3A


- X4-Charger
- Balancer-Board (4x)
- JST-Plug
- Alligator Clips
- XT60-Plug
- Empfänger-Plug
- Tamiya-Plug
- T-Plug
- Power cable
- Manual

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