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Kit BOSS B12 TC 3 Port Engine with Pipe

Boss 12TC-K

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Kit BOSS B12 TC 3 Port Engine with Pipe

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Kit BOSS B12 TC 3 Port Engine with Pipe

This is the Boss B12 .12 On Road Racing Engine.

his engine is intended for the 1/10 Touring car.


The crankcase has a 3 porting system.
The shape of these portings obtain the best possible mixture flow.
Crankcase in the Plus version 2016 years, have been updated and made more rigidity and improved internal fluid dynamics.

3 Ports ABC Piston Sleeve

The sleeve has 3 transfer ports and an exhaust with booster ports.
The special shape and positioning of the ports, covered by a patent, improve the internal fluid-dynamics to obtain the maximum possible performance.
The conrod is made from superlight&superstrong alluminium to make the lightest and strongest possible conrod to withstand the abuse of a .12 racing engine..

Crankshaft EFRA 

This is a special Tuned Crankshaft. Made to meet even the highest standards of our most demanding drivers. Slightly reduced rotational mass and greatly improved fuel flow provide great performance..


The carburetor is aluminum with interchangeable reducer..
As on all Novarossi Engines the idle setting is limited on a single screw to adjust even easier and user friendly.

Technical Data 

C. Capacity : 2,09 cc 
Power: 1,68 HP
R.P.M. (M.P.) : 42.500 Rpm
Range: 6.000 : 43.700 Rpm
Bore : 13,70 mm 
Stroke : 14,25 mm 
Bearing: High Speed
Ports : 3 
Crankshaft :  12 mm 
Carburetor : with reducer 
Glow Plugs : Turbo


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