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Sirio GT-5 RR Cardan 2019 .21 5 Port Ceramic GT Engine


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Sirio GT-5 RR Cardan 2019 .21 5 Port Ceramic GT Engine

€ 195,00

Sirio GT-5 RR Cardan 2019 .21 5 Port Ceramic GT Engine

This is the new Sirio GT-5RR 2019 Version European Champion, GT engine and is specially made for the 1/8 GT Class.

The engine is with Ceramic bearing

Technical Specs:

Displacement: 3,49cc
Ports: 5
Crankshaft & Type: 14,20mm Turbo SG
Bore: 16.20mm
Stroke: 16.90mm
Glow Plug: Turbo
Bearing: Ceramic
Sleeve: ABC

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