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New HobbyWing QuicRun WP8BL150 G2 ESC Sensorless 150 Amp, 3-6s LiPo, BEC 6A

HobbyWing QuicRun WP8BL150 G2 ESC Sensorless 150 Amp, 3-6s LiPo, BEC 6A


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HobbyWing QuicRun WP8BL150 G2 ESC Sensorless 150 Amp, 3-6s LiPo, BEC 6A

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HobbyWing QuicRun WP8BL150 G2 ESC Sensorless 150 Amp, 3-6s LiPo, BEC 6A

The QuicRun WP 8BL150 second-generation (G2) ESC demonstrates enhanced efficiency at low temperatures, thanks to its intelligent freewheeling technology, surpassing its predecessor. But an expected performance boost is not all that this G2 ESC has to offer. The main focus has been on advancing the BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit). Previously limited to 6V at 3A, it is now switchable with 6V or 7.4V output at a robust 6A. The peak current can even reach up to 12 amperes, allowing the BEC to be used in conjunction with high-voltage servos.

The power board inside the ESC is covered with a patented copper heat-conductive plate, ensuring a rapid dissipation of internal heat. Coupled with the built-in fan, it creates an extremely reliable cooling system that guarantees the ESC maintains a safe operating temperature. Additionally, the integrated overheating protection function for the 2040uF capacitors effectively prevents the ESC from sustaining major damage due to overload.


  • Protected against dust and water splashes according to IP67
  • Programmable high-performance switch-mode BEC
  • Suitable for various powerful and high voltage steering servos
  • 9 different acceleration programs from "soft" to very "aggressive" can be selected depending on the model and track.
  • Proportional brake with adjustable maximum braking force and automatic brake
  • Various protective functions, e.g. against:
    - Undervoltage from the battery
    - Thermal overheating
    - Throttle signal loss
    - Condenser overheating
  • Independent Programming Port - No need to pull the throttle cable out of the receiver beforehand

Technical Specifications

Type:Brushless Sensorless
Current (cont./peak):150A/960A
Cells:3-6S LiPo
BEC:6V/7.4V @ 6A (Switch Mode)
Waterproof:Yes (IP67)
Output:6.5mm Gold (female)
Programming:- LCD Programmngbox G2
- LED Programm Card
- Seperate Programming Port
Application:1/8 Truck, Monster Truck

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